Operations & Management

Bill Krasowski
Experience: 21yrs
@ TCS: 21yrs

Bill has extensive industry experience in all facets of the tire industry. With a strong attention to detail, he currently manages day to day operations at Total Casing Service, making the customer experience hassle free.
Garry Drisdelle
Experience: 34yrs

Garry began his career in 1980 with "One Man, One Van, & One Plan." Since then, he has become recognized by the industry as a pioneer in the casing procurement/sales field. With numerous long-term customer relationships and three successful branches, Garry's seasoned staff contibues to build an extensive network of loyal business relationships worldwide.
Jeff Devries

Warehouse Manager
Experience: 13yrs
@ TCS: 13yrs

With Jeff's prior work in the bus industry, he has become a valued asset and is TCS's warehouse manager, controlling logistics and shipping / recieving.

Shawn Ryan

Owner/General Mgr Experience: 17yrs
@ TCS: 17yrs

Shawn started his career right out of high school. His efforts at TCS has led to a long career as a leading casing procurment agent. Shawn currently trains future procurement agents for TCS/TireCore.

Tim Buckley

GTA Procurement Manager
Experience: 12yrs
@ TCS: 6yrs

Tim and Garry Drisdelle pioneered MTR (Mobile Tire Renew). A service company dedicated to on-site tire re-grooving for the transit industry. MTR was acquired by TCS in 2009. Since then Tim has become a casing procurement agent for TCS.

Development of Core Support

Howard Ouellette
Marketing & Technical Management
Experience: 20yrs

With a bachelor's degree in digital media, Howard provides a high level of technical expertise and skill sets to the team at TCS. His background includes long-term relationships with corporate giants such as the Irvine Company and Maguire as well as four years with IKEA as Logistics Manager. Howard is responsible for the project deleverables and planning. He works as a catalyst between the technical department and marketing development.